You come in consultation

Prepare your consultation at the Polyclinic

You come in consultation

Prepare your consultation at the Polyclinic

To facilitate your support at the consultation service, we recommend that you present yourself to the administrative staff at least 15 minutes before the time of your appointment with the following documents:




proof of identity


your insurance card or cover slip


your appointment card or the patient identification card provided by the Polyclinic.






So that the practitioner who sees you in consultation can have all the necessary elements for your examination, we also advise you to bring any current treatments, X-rays, blood results and prescriptions related to the subject of your consultation.

You will be hospitalized

Prepare your stay

You will be hospitalized at the Farah Polyclinic. Here are some tips to help you prepare for your stay.


Prepare your stay


Certain documents are essential for the constitution of your hospitalization file. On your arrival, go to the "Admissions" Service of the Polyclinic with the following information:

your identity document or passport (for minors a birth certificate or family record book + the identity document of the legal representative);


your insurance card or certificate of coverage;


checkbook or other method of payment (credit card ...) to pay the hospital deposit.

Depending on the situation, other documents may be requested upon admission. These will be specified to you when you make your appointment.

Your admission

You will be given various documents to fill in.


Your stay

Your stay must last several days? Here are some tips for packing your suitcase.


Plan a change of clothes for the exit and sufficient underwear, bring your toilet kit.


Each room is equipped with a smart TV. However, plan to have something to entertain you all the same: books, magazines ...


For security reasons and to avoid any inconvenience, we recommend that you do not bring valuables or large amounts of money.


For health security and hygiene reasons, food outside the establishment is strictly prohibited in the rooms. The Polyclinic's restaurant and cafeteria are open to visitors and accompanying persons.


Your outing


Your doctor has authorized your discharge, so your stay is over. Before your departure, do not forget to go:




to the admissions department to check or even complete your file;


to the billing department to settle your stay.