International patients can request an appointment at Polycliniquefarah location with the online form (below). A representative from Polycliniquefarah international appointment office will respond to your request within three business days.

In most cases, a physician referral is not necessary to set up an appointment. Many patients schedule their own appointments at Polycliniquefarah.

Patients or their physicians also may request an appointment by email, phone or fax.

The Farah Polyclinic welcomes patients from different countries. Whether you live in Ivory Coast, in a country in the sub-region or elsewhere in Africa, we will do everything to facilitate your stay in our establishment. 

To organize your stay, here are the administrative procedures to be carried out:


Step 1


  • Please forward:

    • A copy of an identity document with your name, first names and date of birth to assign a correct identity to your file.

    • A copy of your medical file (in French) to Dr Nassar ( or, the coordinating doctor and in charge of the entrances of the Polyclinique Farah. This doctor and his team will determine, on the basis of your file, the treatment or hospitalization that your state of health requires.

    • A copy of your plane ticket


On the basis of the information communicated to the medical team, the Medical Department will estimate the costs of your care. An estimate and terms of payment will be sent to you as soon as possible.


The Farah Polyclinic will provide you with a vehicle for the Airport-Farah Polyclinic transport. And we could possibly organize the hotel reservation.



2nd step


  • Make the payment to the account number provided by the Medical Department or send a document attesting to the coverage of your treatment or hospitalization by your employer or insurer.

  • Once the payment has been received or the coverage has been validated by the Medical Department, you will be put in touch with the secretariat of the doctor's service which has been assigned to you to organize your treatment or hospitalization.


Step 3


On your arrival at the Polyclinique Farah, go to the Admissions Department with:

  • a valid identity document (identity card, passport, consular card, etc.

  • your full contact details (address, phone number, etc.)

  • a copy of your medical file (in French).


For all your questions, please contact our Medical Department, by e-mail ( ) or by phone at +225 21260093 Ext. 518 (Assane Diabaté).