Missions, Visions & Values


The mission of the Polyclinic Farah is to offer everyone, an  access to advanced medicine , in a high quality property . 


O ur actions are focused on the well-being of our patients. N e strive to achieve this:


  • listen to the needs of the patient and his family,

  • offer the best of medical practices,

  • deliver personalized care. 


In addition to our health mission, we will develop awareness and prevention actions against certain pathologies.     


The Polyclinic Farah wishes to position itself, in the sub-region, as the health establishment of choice for those looking for excellence in care ,  safety  and  professionalism .   





Forms the backbone of our relationships with all of our contacts: patients, families of patients, partners.



Our commitment to integrity leads us to rigorously respect the duty of honesty in the exercise of our professional activity.  



Consists of delivering quality service to our patients. The quality of our equipment coupled with the competence and professional conscience of the staff to offer an irreproachable patient-family experience. 



We take into account the requirements of safety and public health. We ensure risk reduction by encouraging the strict application of safety and hygiene measures for all matters relating to access to the site, staff clothing, waste management, among others.